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Advantages Of Double Shaft Crusher

1、Multiple configurations and combinations. Solid waste crusher can be equipped with different types of crushing equipment, including coarse, medium and fine according to the needs of users, and also equipped with conveying and magnetic separation equipment. It can work independently or jointly with other equipment. The working mode can be selected and configured in various ways.

2、Precision machining technology, high quality parts. The mechanical strength and processing accuracy of the core crushing equipment prolong the service life of the equipment; The tool is made of imported high alloy steel, which is treated by special process to ensure the wear resistance and impact resistance of the tool; Bearings, motors, reducers and electronic components are international well-known brands, ensuring the overall quality of the equipment.

3、Bearing quadruple seal, effective waterproof and dustproof.

4、The cutting tools are arranged according to helix to realize efficient cutting. According to different material requirements, different knife rollers can be selected. Correct selection of knife rollers can greatly improve the service performance and production efficiency of the design.

5、Imported alloy cutting tools, strong impact resistance, broken metal cutting tools do not break. Greatly reduce the cost of tool maintenance, effectively reduce the equipment failure rate and maintenance time, reduce maintenance and operation costs, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the production line.

6、The inner hole and spindle face of the tool are designed in six directions to realize the uniformity of the tool force. The main shaft of the shredder adopts hexagonal design. After overall tempering, the cutter shaft has better wear resistance and torque resistance. At the same time, the cutter shaft is not easy to bend and deform, so it can be used safely for a long time.