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The Characteristics Of Different Cookers Are Different

     A cooker is actually a steamer. Vertical cooker is a large-scale fixed vertical cooker for batch pulp production. The top and bottom are semi-circular or conical, and the middle is cylindrical. It has the advantages of large pulp production, small floor area and uniform pulp quality; It is suitable for the production of wood pulp, reed pulp and straw pulp by sulfate method and sulfite method.

    Characteristics Of Rotary Vertical Cooker In Digester Equipment:

    The volume, transmission mode and cooking operation mode of rotary vertical cooker are similar to that of steaming ball. This rotary vertical cooker used to be used for cooking Kraft wood pulp in Europe, with a small volume of only 20 ~ 50m. The cooker is generally 2.5 ~ 3M, the height is 6 ~ 7.5m, the ratio of height to diameter is also 2.0 ~ 2.5, and the upper and lower cone angles are 90 degrees. There will also be a steam pipe D in the cooker, which is extended to the upper mouth and connected with an O-shaped pipe at the end for steam loading and steam ventilation. There will also be a valve e at the lower part of the cooker, which is used to extract air and turpentine, and the liquid volume is 25 ~ 30% of the volume of the cooker.

    Characteristics Of Sulfate Cooker In Digester Equipment:

     At present, sulfate digester is mainly used in large and medium-sized pulp and paper mills, and its main raw materials are wood, reed, silver bamboo and so on. The cooker is a thin-walled pressure vessel made of 209 boiler steel plate by welding. The sulfate cooker is composed of a pot body, a circulating system, a support seat, etc. When the equipment is in use, the temperature is higher and the lower pressure is higher, so it can make the cooking uniform by cooperating with each other. However, it should be noted that the liquid extraction filter screen is installed at the lower part of the pot. When cooking the slurry with poor water filtration, the circulation of liquid medicine will be reduced in the later stage of cooking.

Fixed Vertical Digester In Digester Equipment:

    Fixed vertical cooker, according to different heating methods, can also be directly divided into direct heating and indirect heating forced circulation. The two kinds of cookers are produced in our company. For example, the cookers in Jiamusi paper mill are indirect heating forced circulation supplemented by direct heating, while some digesters in Jilin paper mill are direct heating forced circulation.

     The fixed vertical cooker in the digester equipment has a large volume and its own production capacity. It is adopted by large and medium-sized factories. In terms of this volume, it is generally 50 ~ 170m3. At present, the largest vertical cooker in the world is 260m3. In addition, when it is actually used, it should also be noted that there is a vertical digester without heater, which directly introduces steam into the digester to increase the condensed water in the digester. In this regard, it should also be considered that the cooking liquid ratio should be appropriately reduced.