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How To Consider The Performance Parameters, Characteristics And Price Of Disc Sludge Dryer

     There are many kinds of dryers. However, in order to ensure good learning effect and timely grasp the knowledge involved in the following explanation, we will learn and understand one kind of dryer to achieve the above purpose. The specific types of dryers are disc sludge dryers.

  1. Is there a specific type or model of disc sludge dryer?

         Disc sludge dryer is one of the dryers, and it is a common and commonly used one. Therefore, it can be seen in some industries or fields. Generally speaking, the disc sludge dryer can be reclassified. For example, it has a hollow disc sludge dryer. In its specific model, there are ypk model and some other models. So, on this question, obviously, the answer is yes.

    2.The Price Of Disc Sludge Dryer,What Are The Main Considerations?

        Disc sludge dryer is a kind of dryer. There are many factors to consider in the price of dryer, such as detailed product parameters, real-time quotation, price quotation, and the wholesale price of the product. In addition, product quality, after-sales service and manufacturers are all important factors. Therefore, none of them can be omitted, otherwise, there will be wrong choices.

    3.Mixing System Of Disc Sludge Dryer

       The disc sludge dryer can have a mixing system, which specifically includes three parts: shell, main shaft and paddle. The shell adopts a hollow structure, and a plurality of scraper mounting blocks and fixed scrapers are arranged on the inner wall. In addition, the main shaft and paddle are in the shell, and the paddle is welded on the main shaft. There are several rotary scrapers at the edge of the paddle to make the dryer work smoothly.

    4.Characteristics Of Disc Sludge Dryer

       The main features of disc sludge dryer are as follows:

(1) The dryer is for heat transfer disc, so in heat transfer performance, is very good, and can make full use of heat transfer area, avoid waste.

(2) Scrapers are installed from stator to disc, which can effectively adjust the residence time of materials in the dryer.

(3) The whole drying process of the dryer is carried out in a closed environment. Therefore, it is suitable for some materials with peculiar smell or easy to cause environmental pollution, which can solve and avoid the problem of environmental pollution.

(4) The disc sludge dryer has stable operation and simple and convenient operation. In terms of operation mode, it can be continuous operation or intermittent operation, which can be determined by the actual situation and use requirements.

    5.Drying Materials And Performance Parameters Of Disc Sludge Dryer

      The drivable materials of the disc sludge dryer are mainly some materials that are not easy to agglomerate or adhere after drying, as well as some other materials, such as fish meal, graphite, carbon black, polyethylene powder, feed, distiller's grains, sludge and corn sprouts. The performance parameters of disc sludge dryer are disc diameter, heat transfer area, spindle speed, effective volume, filling rate, motor power and overall dimension.