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What Is The Composition And Performance Of Sludge Dryer

       The performance of sludge dryer is very strong, which can dry and solve various types of sludge. The structure of the sludge dryer is very compact, the land occupation is very small, and the operation steps of the sludge dryer are also very simple, which can be skillfully introduced in a short time. Now let's take a look at the structure, basic principle and performance characteristics of sludge dryer.

Construction principle of sludge dryer:

        The sludge dryer adopts the transmission heating method, which is composed of two mutually toothed leaf shafts, including a W-shaped shell, a motor shaft and a part of the transmission system. The whole process of sludge drying is carried out in a closed environment. The organic chemical volatile organic compounds, odor vapor and water are sent to the tail gas treatment equipment according to the induced draft fan equipment in a closed atmosphere, so as to prevent environmental pollution to the natural environment. The heating material of sludge dryer generally adopts steam and high-temperature heat transfer oil. The heating material is divided into two channels, which are respectively fed into the shell compartment of the dryer and the inner wall of the blade, and the machine cavity and the blade shaft are heated at the same time, so as to dry the sludge by means of transmission heating. After the sludge is fed into the machine cavity, the sludge is rotated and mixed according to the rotation of the blade, and the heating page is constantly innovated to fully touch the heated body and blade, so as to volatilize a lot of water of the sludge. At the same time, the sludge is transported to the outlet feeder with the rotation of the leaf shaft, and the dry and symmetrical sludge is discharged from the feed inlet.

Performance characteristics of sludge dryer:

1. The sludge dryer has compact structure, small land occupation and less auxiliary machinery and equipment, saving project investment and operation cost.

2. The sludge dryer adopts the transmission heating method, with large total heat conduction area and small heat damage, and the heat utilization rate can reach more than 90%.

3. The wedge blade of sludge dryer has the working capacity of self purification and can maintain high-efficiency heat conduction.

4. The dry humidity and particle size of sludge dried by sludge dryer are symmetrical.

5. The drying process of sludge dryer has high characteristics and is easy to operate and operate.

6. The sludge dried by the sludge dryer contains high calorific value and organic chemical components. It is a renewable energy with application value. At the same time, it meets the requirements of environmental protection.