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What Are The Application, Working Principle And Characteristics Of Screw Press

     The screw press is a supporting equipment for the trash rack, which can be used in sewage treatment. Therefore, if you want to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of this machine and equipment, you should master all the knowledge content it contains, and you should not be careless and lax, so as not to affect the learning effect and the application of knowledge. Therefore, the next work is the introduction of the screw press, which is as follows:

    For the understanding of screw press, we can know from the above description that it is a supporting equipment of sewage grille, which can be used in sewage treatment. Therefore, we can see its figure in sewage treatment, and this equipment plays an important and key role, which is an indispensable part in sewage treatment. In terms of composition, it mainly includes five parts: feed hopper, pressing screw, screw pipe, slag discharge pipe and driving device.

1.Application scope and working principle of screw press

    Screw press is a kind of press, which has a corresponding scope of application, which is:

Scope of application 1: in the drainage pump station, sewage treatment plant and waterworks, the slag intercepted by the trash rack shall be dehydrated and compressed.

Scope of application 2: dehydration and compression treatment in the treatment of wastewater generated in papermaking, wine making, food, leather, textile, printing and dyeing, petrochemical and other industries.

The working principle of the screw press is: when the grid slag or filtered filter slag in the grid enters the spiral pipe from its hopper, it is extruded and dehydrated through the screw press. The water extruded from the materials is collected into the water receiving basin through the filter screen and discharged by the drainage pipe, while the extruded and dehydrated materials are discharged through the slag discharge pipe.

2. Areas can be devided of the screw press and main features

   Screw press can be divided into four areas: drainage area, feeding area, screw conveying area and discharging area. Its main features are:

(1) Because the shaftless screw is adopted, its contact area with materials is small and the friction force is small, which can effectively improve the extrusion efficiency of the press and avoid problems such as blockage and winding.

(2) The screw press is made of stainless steel, so it has high strength, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

(3) The driving device of the press adopts the mode of shaft mounted direct drive. Therefore, the equipment operates stably and reliably with low energy consumption. In addition, in addition to its inlet and outlet, the rest are sealed structure, so it can be clean and sanitary in use.

(4) A spring baffle is set at the outlet of the screw press to appropriately increase the extrusion force, and then to improve the dehydration rate of the equipment.