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Analysis on equipment characteristics, application and price factors of disc dryer

     Dryer is a kind of equipment used for drying treatment, and there are many specific types of this equipment. Therefore, we might as well know that one of them is disc dryer, so that we can have a breakthrough and development in the specific types of dryer. Furthermore, we can be familiar with disc dryer, and know how to use it correctly and reasonably, Improve its utilization.

    How to understand the disc dryer? The answer to this question is: disc dryer, which is one of the dryers, is mainly used for drying operation. It can dry some filter cake and granular materials that are not easy to agglomerate or adhere, so as to obtain good drying effect and obtain the expected powder products. Therefore, it is widely used in many industries or fields.ble For Disc Dryer

   Disc dryer is a kind of dryer. The materials suitable for drying, specifically, are some materials that are not easy to agglomerate or adhere after drying, such as fish meal, graphite, feed, carbon black, distiller's grains, sludge, corn sprouts and polyethylene powder. Therefore, there are many applications of this dryer.

The equipment features of disc dryer mainly include:

(1)The heat transfer disc has good heat transfer performance, which can ensure that the dryer has good heat transfer performance and drying effect. In addition, a scraper is installed on the equipment from the stator to the disc to facilitate the adjustment of the residence time of materials in the dryer.

(2)The whole drying process of disc dryer is carried out in a closed environment. Therefore, it is also applicable to some harmful or smelly gases or substances.

(3)This kind of dryer has the advantages of smooth operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. In terms of operation mode, it can be either continuous operation or intermittent operation.

2.Performance Parameters And Price Factors Of Disc Dryer

    Disc dryer, which contains the performance parameters, mainly specifications, dimensions, disc diameter, heat transfer area, spindle speed, effective volume, filling rate, processing capacity and motor power of these nine, and are important parameters of the dryer, so it is indispensable.

    From a professional point of view, the price factors of disc dryer mainly include product origin, detailed parameters, price quotation, quality, after-sales service, etc. in addition, they are also related to the manufacturer. Therefore, the consideration of its price, should include these factors, and comprehensive consideration, so as to have accurate positioning, and at the same time, to buy the right products.

   Compared with other indirect drying equipment, disc dryer has some advantages in use. It has large heat transfer area and good moisture removal effect. In terms of its properties, it is an indirect heating dryer. The instructions for the use of disc dryer are as follows: the disc of appropriate material shall be selected according to different drying materials to ensure good drying effect. In addition, the safety and reliability of the dryer shall be guaranteed.