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Meal Cooler

1、Product introduction:

Powder cooler, also known as powder cooler, is mainly used for high-temperature cooling of animal and plant protein after drying, to prevent product quality reduction due to high temperature and scald accident due to high temperature during transportation. The working principle is that the powder material enters from one end of the equipment, and the cold air enters from the other end. After the internal rotor scatters and disperses the material, the hot material convection with the cold gas will reduce the temperature of the powder material, and the gas will be discharged after dust removal by the upper dust collector. In order to improve the cooling effect, the jacket can be set outside the equipment barrel, and the cooling water is circulated inside the jacket to fully improve the cooling effect.

2、Main technical parameters:

Cylinder Size(mm) Processing Capacity (kg) Volume(L) Power(kw) Speed(r.p.m)
Φ1200×7000 1500 7900 11 24
Φ1400×7000 2500 10700 15 24
Φ1600×8000 3500 16000 18 24
Φ2000×8000 4000 24800 22 21
Φ2000×9000 5000 27000 30 21
Φ2000×12000 7000 37200 37 21
Φ3000×10000 10000 70000 45 17
Φ3000×12000 15000 85000 55 17

3、Products show: