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Continuous Feather Hydrolyzer

1、Product introduction:

CH type efficient continuous feather hydrolyzer is mainly developed for feather powder production industry. It can not only work continuously, save manpower, occupy small space, but also has lower investment cost than traditional batch hydrolyzer. Because the equipment can work continuously, it can ensure balanced product quality. The successful application of this equipment completely replaces the traditional batch hydrolyzer. It is a mature and easy to operate feather powder production equipment. It has the following characteristics:
1.1. It can run continuously and automatically to save manpower;
1.2. Special spindle structure ensures efficient and uniform hydrolysis;
1.3. The steam consumption is low and the operation cost is low. Generally, the theoretical consumption of steam is 0.35 to 0.4kg/kg feather;
1.4. The equipment is small and easy to maintain;
1.5. Compared with the same batch of hydrolyzer, the investment cost and operation cost of the same capacity are low.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model Yield(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Equipment Weight(t) Long×Wide×High(mm)
GH-25 2.5 22+15 12 7500×2500×3000
GH-50 5.5 37+18.5 15 9500×2600×3200
GH-75 7.5 45+22 18 10500×2700×3300
GH-120 12 55+37 22 11000×3000×4500

3、Products show: