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Batch Cooker

1、Product introduction:

PBC batch cooker, also known as batch hydrolyzer or batch processing machine, is mainly used for the recovery and utilization of animal waste materials, such as slaughterhouse animal waste, and is widely used in the production of meat powder, bone powder and feather powder; At the same time, it is also used for the treatment of dead livestock and dead animals. It can achieve the ideal effect through high temperature sterilization, chemical processing and drying. The equipment is suitable for large and medium slaughterhouses, farms and urban harmless treatment. With crusher, dryer, oil press, screw conveyor and waste gas treatment equipment, a complete waste treatment system is formed
1.1 The double jacket is used in the shell, and the jacket and the inner rotor are filled with high temperature steam to increase the heat exchange area and improve the production efficiency.
1.2 The material of the equipment can be carbon steel, stainless steel, dual phase steel, etc.
1.3 The integral steel frame structure support can change the installation position at will.
1.4 The feeding and discharging ports are automatically controlled and easy to operate.
1.5 The feeding weight is controlled by the bottom weighing sensor, with high feeding precision and stable product quality.
1.6 The working pressure range of the equipment is wide, and the design pressure of the heating parts can range from 0.05-2mpa.
1.7 The shell insulation adopts stainless steel plate to enhance the anti-corrosion ability and prolong the service life.
1.8 By using the automatic water delivery system, the steam condensate is recycled to the boiler to reduce energy consumption and save water and heat sources.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model Loading Capacity(L) Motor Power(kw) Equipment Weight(t) Dimensions(mm)
PBC-2000 1200 11 7 3800×1600×1500
PBC-3500 2200 22 12 5800×1600×1600
PBC-6000 3500 37 16 5800×1800×1600
PBC-8500 5500 55 25 8500×2000×1800
PBC-10000 6500 75 30 9000×2000×1800
PBC-12500 8000 90 35 10500×2000×1900
PBC-16000 9800 110 40 10500×2200×2000
PBC-18000 11000 132 45 10500×2300×2100

3、Products show: