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Scraper Evaporator

1、Product introduction:

LG scraper type thin film evaporator is a kind of high-efficiency evaporation, distillation and concentration equipment which uses high-speed rotation to distribute liquid into uniform film for evaporation. It can also carry out unit operations such as deodorization, defoaming reaction, heating and cooling. It can be widely used in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, food, light industry, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries. The equipment adopts centrifugal sliding groove rotor, and the evaporation capacity can be increased by 40-69%
1.1 The heat transfer coefficient is high, the evaporation capacity is large, and the evaporation intensity can reach 200 kg / m2 / h.
1.2 The heating time of the material is short, about 5 seconds to 10 seconds, and it works under the vacuum heat condition, which is more beneficial to the heat sensitive material, ensuring that all kinds of components do not produce any decomposition, and ensuring the product quality.
1.3 It can adapt to a wide range of viscosity changes. High and low viscosity materials can be treated, and the viscosity of materials can be as high as 100000 CP.
1.4.Changing the rotation direction of the scraper groove can adjust the cleaning time of the material in the evaporator.
1.5. The inner wall of the evaporation section cylinder is precisely processed and polished, and the surface is not easy to produce coking and scaling.
1.6 It is easy to operate and adjust the product index. Continuous production can be carried out automatically under closed conditions.
1.7.The equipment has the advantages of small floor area, simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy cleaning.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model LG-3 LG-5 LG-10 LG-15 LG-20 LG-25 LG-30
Heat Exchange Area(㎡) 3 5 10 15 20 25 30
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.5
Shaft Speed(r.p.m) 80-300
Motor Power(kw) The Evaporation Of Different Materials Is Different
Yield(t/h) 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 22 30

3、Products show: