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MVR Evaporator

1、Product introduction:

MVR evaporator uses the secondary steam generated in the evaporator, which is compressed by the compressor to increase the pressure, temperature and heat, and then sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam, so as to maintain the boiling state of the material, so as to achieve reasonable utilization of the steam after evaporation, improve efficiency and save energy consumption. The main body is composed of heater, separator, gas compressor, preheater, condenser, pump, control system and working platform. In general, the utilization efficiency of MVR evaporator is 20 to 30 times higher than that of multi effect evaporator. In normal operation, the system only uses electricity, no steam, and the energy consumption of evaporation per ton of water is 15kw / h to 100kW / h, so the operation cost is low. The equipment is an energy-saving evaporation and concentration equipment at present, which is mostly single effect evaporation or multi effect evaporation. It has small heating temperature difference and short residence time, and is suitable for materials with high heat sensitivity; Compact structure and small floor area; The equipment can run automatically through DCS control, and can run continuously and stably for a long time.
MVR evaporator is widely used in oil chemical industry, starch, fruit juice, environmental protection wastewater treatment and other industries.

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