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Multi-effect Evaporator

1、Product introduction:

Multi effect evaporator is a kind of high-efficiency evaporation equipment, the main body is composed of heater, separator, preheater, condenser, pump, control system, working platform, etc. In the whole process, the rising film heater, self circulation heater and forced circulation heater can be added together to form a multi effect evaporator. It can be divided into two effect evaporator, three effect evaporator, four effect evaporator, five effect evaporator and six effect evaporator. The more the effect number is, the greater the evaporation capacity is. Generally, the single effect evaporation capacity can reach 3t / h, the two effect evaporation capacity can reach 5t / h, the three effect evaporation capacity can reach 50t / h, the four effect evaporation capacity can reach 150t / h, the five effect evaporation capacity can reach 200t / h and the six effect evaporation capacity can reach 300t / h.
In industrial production, evaporation of a large amount of water must consume a lot of steam. In order to reduce steam consumption, multi effect evaporation can be used. Multi effect evaporation requires that the operating pressure of the aftereffect and the boiling point of the solution are lower than those of the previous effect, so the secondary steam of the previous effect can be introduced as the heating medium of this effect, that is, the heating chamber of this effect becomes the condenser of the secondary steam of the previous effect. In the production process, only the first effect needs to consume raw steam, which is the operation principle of multi effect evaporation. Generally, the last effect or the last effect of multi effect evaporation device is always operated under vacuum. Because the secondary steam of each effect is used as the heating steam of the next effect evaporator, the utilization rate of steam is improved and the energy consumption is saved.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model Single Effect Second Effect Three Effects Four Effects Five Effects Six Effects
Water Evaporation(t/h) 3 5 50 150 200 300
Feed Concentration(%) According To Different Material Characteristics
Discharge Concentration(%) According To Different Material Characteristics
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.05-0.1
Steam Consumption(t/h) 1-1.5 0.4-0.6 0.3-0.4 0.25-0.3 0.25 0.22
Evaporation Temperature(℃) According To Different Material Characteristics

3、Scope of application:

The multi effect evaporator is suitable for the production of materials with 50 ~ 200 ℃ and continuous feeding and discharging. It has the advantages of large concentration ratio, wide viscosity range, good heat transfer effect and large treatment capacity. It is suitable for the evaporation of materials with strong heat sensitivity, high concentration, high viscosity and corrosivity. It is widely used in juice, glucose, starch, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, pesticide, bioengineering Chemical wastewater treatment and other waste liquid recovery industry, especially suitable for non scaling, volatile or heat sensitive materials.

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