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Double Screw Press

1、Product introduction:

Double axis spiral concentration and pressing equipment, which is mainly used for the pressing and dehydration of various fiber containing materials, mainly used in fish meal, bone meal, meat meal, starch, fermentation broth, feed, paper making, bagasse, pectin, pharmaceutical, environmental sewage treatment and other industries.
1.1 It has the advantages of high liquid extraction efficiency, less material damage, less material loss, convenient operation and so on.
1.2 The slurry enters into the machine body from the feed port and moves forward through the reverse rotation of the spiral variable diameter shaft. Due to the unequal distance and unequal diameter design of the spiral blade and the main shaft, the distance between the spiral blade from the feed port to the slurry outlet becomes smaller and smaller, and the shaft diameter becomes larger and larger, so that the volume of the slurry in the screen is gradually compressed, The liquid between the materials is discharged through the screen by extrusion, and the liquid is continuously separated from the slurry.
1.3 The solid-liquid separation system is composed of screen frame, screen plate, screen mesh and spiral shaft, and is fixed on the machine base by bolts to support the filtration and dehydration of materials in the extrusion process. The diameter of screen plate is 0.1-5mm to prevent the loss of large particles.
1.4 Large compression ratio, good dehydration effect, low water content of discharge, stable operation, no vibration, continuous production.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model TP-24 TP-35 TP-41 TP-49 TP-56 TP-64 TC-1000 TC-1500 TC-2000 TC-3000
Throughput(t/h) 2.5 5 13 18 25 50 50 75 100 150
Shaft Speed(r.p.m) 1-11
Motor Power(kw) 11 18.5 30 45 55 90 90 200 250 355
Equipment Weight(t) 4 8 10 14 21 28 28 48 75 118

3、Products show: