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JYD - Paddle Dryer

1、Product introduction:

JYD type paddle dryer can not only be heated by shell, but also for internal rotor, which greatly increases drying area, improves heat efficiency and ensures the material is completely dry. This machine has two or more embedded rotors in the shell with jacket, and each rotor is equipped with several fan-shaped hollow blades for heating. The heating medium enters the hollow rotary shaft and blade through the rotary joint installed at the end of the rotary shaft. After the heat transfer is dried, the condensate is discharged from the machine through the rotary joint. The equipment has the following characteristics:
1.1 Low energy consumption: because of indirect heating, there is no large amount of air to take away heat. The outer wall of the dryer is equipped with jacket and insulation layer. For slurry materials, evaporation of 1kg water only requires 1.1-1.3 kg saturated steam.
1.2 The cost of the pulp dryer system is low: the multi axes are embedded together, the heat transfer area is large and the equipment size is small.
1.3 Wide range of drying materials: different heat media are used to dry both heat sensitive materials and materials requiring high temperature treatment. The common media are: saturated water vapor, heat transfer oil, hot water, etc. It can be operated continuously or intermittently, and can be applied in many fields.
1.4 Low operating cost: simple structure and low maintenance cost.
1.5 The equipment has simple structure, few vulnerable parts and stable operation.

2、Main technical parameters of the product:

Model The Measure Of Area
Treatment Capacity
Total Power
Heat Transfer Oil、Steam
Overall Dimension Of Main Engine The Weight Of The Equipment Is About(T)
LongL WideW HighH
JYD-5 20 5 7 0~200 4800 900 900 2.5
JYD-10 40 10 11 0~200 6000 1300 1300 5.2
JYD-15 60 15 23 0~200 6800 1500 1500 9
JYD-20 80 20 30 0~200 6900 1600 1600 11
JYD-25 100 25 44 0~200 7500 1700 1700 13
JYD-40 160 40 70 0~200 8900 2200 2400 18
JYD-50 200 50 90 0~200 9200 2300 2500 22
JYD-60 250 60 150 0~200 11000 2800 2800 32

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