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Thin Layer Evaporation Dryer

1、Product introduction:

BCD type horizontal thin layer evaporation dryer is a kind of high-efficiency evaporation equipment which uses high-speed rotation of rotor to distribute materials into uniform film for evaporation and concentration. The equipment not only heats the shell, but also heats the internal rotating shaft. The drying area is large and the thermal efficiency is high, which ensures the thorough drying of materials. The machine is equipped with a rotor which can both heat and push materials in the shell with a jacket, and a plurality of pushing knives of corresponding size are installed on the rotating shaft, so as to disperse the materials and push the materials to the outlet direction at the same time. The machine is mainly used for evaporation, concentration and drying of high viscosity and high water content. It is widely used in industrial sludge, urban sludge, food, chemical, petrochemical, dye and other fields. The equipment has the following characteristics:
1.1 High heat transfer coefficient, high drying intensity and high thermal efficiency.
1.2 Adapt to a wide range of viscosity changes, high and low viscosity materials can be processed.
1.3 Wide range of drying materials, not only can dry heat sensitive materials, but also can dry materials requiring high temperature treatment. Commonly used heat sources are: saturated steam, heat transfer oil, hot water, etc.
1.4 Easy to operate, simple structure, less vulnerable parts, low maintenance costs.

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