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Sludge Dryer

1、Product introduction:

YND type double shaft sludge dryer can not only heat the shell, but also heat the internal rotor, which greatly increases the drying area, improves the thermal efficiency and ensures the complete drying of materials. The machine is composed of two or more rotors embedded in each other in the shell with jacket, and each rotor is equipped with a number of blades to push the materials forward, The heating medium enters the hollow rotary shaft through the rotary joint installed at the end of the rotary shaft for heat transfer and drying, and then the condensed water is discharged out of the machine through the rotary joint
1.1 Low energy consumption: due to indirect heating and closed operation, there is no large amount of air to take away heat, and jacket and insulation layer are set on the outer wall of the dryer, which has less heat loss and high drying efficiency.
1.2 The cost of the dryer system is low: the multi shafts are inlaid with each other, the heat transfer area is large, and the equipment size is small.
1.3 Commonly used media are: saturated steam, heat transfer oil, hot water, high temperature flue gas, etc.
1.4 Low operating costs: simple structure, low maintenance costs, less vulnerable parts, stable operation.

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