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PGD - Tube Coil Dryer

1、Product Introduction:

PGD type tube coil dryer can not only heat the shell, but also heat the internal rotor, which greatly increases the drying area, improves the thermal efficiency and ensures the complete drying of materials. The dryer is composed of a horizontal shell and a rotor with multiple sets of heating pipes. The rotor is equipped with multiple heating pipes, and the pipe is equipped with a pusher with adjustable angle. When working, it can not only heat the material, but also push the material along the direction of the discharge end. The steam distribution device inside the rotating shaft can make the steam evenly distributed in each heating coil. The steam flows in the coil and keeps the heating coil at a constant temperature. The condensed water is discharged through the special device at the end of the shaft.
The equipment has high drying efficiency, long service life and low maintenance frequency. It is widely used in animal protein, plant protein, food, harmless treatment and other fields. According to different material properties, the material can be carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, duplux steel, etc.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model PGD-50 PGD-100 PGD-150 PGD-200 PGD-250
Throughput(t/d) 13 25 40 50 65
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Heating Area(㎡) 50 100 150 200 250
Steam Pressure(MPa) ≤1.0
Steam Temperature(℃) ≤185
Speed(r.p.m) 1-10
Motor Power(kw) 22 37 45 55 75

3、Products show: