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High-efficiency Continuous Cooker

1、Product introduction:

GXC high efficiency continuous cooker is one of the effective systems for continuous cooking. It is specially developed for processing various animal by-products and suitable for large-scale production. The evaporation range of continuous cooker is from 1300kg / h to 10000kg / h. When the rotor working pressure is 1.0MPa, 30kg water can be evaporated per square hour. Because of continuous work, it not only ensures the stability of final products, but also reduces energy consumption and labor intensity. A multi tube rotor with steam heating is set inside the cooking shell, which can provide a large heating area. The large heating area can reach 400 m2. The cooking temperature can be adjusted according to the process requirements and the types of materials. The gas evaporated from the materials enters the bacron, captures the particles entrained in the waste gas and returns to the cooking machine, The exhaust gas enters the condenser or other exhaust gas treatment system. The oil residue (a mixture of dehydrated protein and fat) is continuously extracted from the cooking machine and then transferred to the next process to separate into protein and fat.

2、Main technical parameters:

Model Motor Power(kw) Evaporation Capacity(kg/h) Equipment Weight(t) Long×Wide×High
GXC-100 55 3000 26 10500×2000×3000
GXC-120 75 3600 35 12500×2200×3200
GXC-200 90 6000 46 13500×2300×3300
GXC-250 110 7500 58 13500×2700×4300
GXC-320 132 9600 76 16000×2800×4500
GXC-400 160 12000 85 15000×3400×5200

3、Products show: