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Meat Grinder (bone Crusher)

1、Product introduction:

The bone crusher is mainly used for crushing cattle bone, pig bone, sheep bone, donkey bone, chicken bone, fish bone and other animal bone, with a crushing range of 2-20 mm. The optimized design of the tool holder of the machine makes the tool bear the force dispersedly and improves the shearing force and impact resistance of a single blade. Front blade, increase the cutting angle of blade, improve the cutting efficiency, fine particles uniform. The cutting tool is made of high quality alloy steel. After special heat treatment, it has good wear resistance. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted telescopic. It can be sharpened many times after being blunt. It can be used repeatedly and has a long service life. The motor is equipped with overload protection device, which is safe and reliable. The machine can be used with the conveyor belt, using automatic feeding and unloading, reducing labor intensity. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, compact structure, stable operation, large output, low temperature rise, no material storage and adjustable particle size.

2、 Main technical parameters:

Model Motor Power(kw) Equipment Weight(kg) Yield(kg) Dimensions(mm)
PGJ-200 2.2 230 500-1000 850×650×1150
PGJ-300 4 450 600-1500 1000×650×1300
PGJ-400 7.5 750 1000-2500 1100×800×1500
PGJ-500 11 1000 1500-3000 1350×950×1550
PGJ-600 15 2000 2000-4500 1550×1000×1850
PGJ-700 22 2500 3000-7000 1700×1200×1900
PGJ-800 37 4200 4000-9000 2000×1450×2500

3、Products show: