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Spiral Cooler

1、Product introduction:

The spiral cooler is mainly used for the high temperature cooling of animal and plant protein after drying, so as to prevent the reduction of product quality due to high temperature and scald accidents due to high temperature during transportation. The internal spiral can be designed as single axis, double axis, four axis, etc. the spiral blade is a double blade. The cooling water flows through the double blades to absorb heat, so as to cool the materials. At the same time, the materials are fully mixed. The external shell is also designed as a jacket type, which produces cooling inside the equipment and cooling outside. The cooling efficiency is high. Because the cooling medium used is cold water, it does not produce dust, reduces the loss of materials and the treatment of waste gas, so the equipment is one of the better cooling equipment at present. The main features are as follows:
1.1 The shell of the equipment adopts double-layer jacket, and the jacket and internal rotor are filled with low-temperature cooling water or other cooling medium. The heat exchange area is large, and the cooling efficiency is improved. The equipment material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, dual phase steel, high temperature resistant steel, etc.
1.2 The integral steel frame structure support can change the installation position at will.
1.3 The feeding and discharging are automatically controlled and easy to operate.
1.4 The temperature range of the equipment is wide, and the design temperature can be from - 20 ℃ to 600 ℃.

2、Products show: